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BUNDLE All Published Books by Kay L. Moody

BUNDLE All Published Books by Kay L. Moody

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Kay L. Moody is a YA fantasy author who writes books with strong female leads, magical settings, and splash of romance! With this incredible bundle, get all of her published ebooks as well as some bonus stories. Some of these bonus stories are NOT available anywhere else. This is the best deal out there for books by Kay L. Moody.

This is a complete AUTHOR bundle with 12 complete ebooks, plus 4 BONUS stories. There are 4 series in total. Here are all of the ebooks you'll receive:

Fae and Crystal Thorns (not completed yet)
1: Flame and Crystal Thorns
2: Shadow and Crystal Thorns
Standalone: Nutcracker of Crystalfall (BONUS)

*This series is not completed yet, but this bundle includes all books that are currently published.*

The Fae of Bitter Thorn
Court of Bitter Thorn
2: Castle of Bitter Thorn
2.5: Dragon of Fairfrost (BONUS)
3: Crown of Bitter Thorn
4: Queen of Bitter Thorn

The Elements of Kamdaria
The Elements of the Crown
2: The Elements of the Gate
3: The Elements of the Storm
0: Winds of Flame (BONUS)

Truth Seer Trilogy
1: Truth Seer
1.5: Sound Seer (BONUS)
2: Healer
3: Truth Changer

Read a SAMPLE of Court of Bitter Thorn, Book 1 of Kay's best selling series.

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Customer Reviews

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AMAZING author!

I have read nearly everything Kay Moody has written, and have loved each and every world she has created. Her style of writing just captures the essence of the worlds she builds and makes her characters just come alive. (And don't be fooled thinking the characters are just simple humans or fae either!). I HIGHLY recommend this bundle with the bonus novellas!