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BUNDLE The Elements of Kamdaria Complete Series
BUNDLE The Elements of Kamdaria Complete Series
BUNDLE The Elements of Kamdaria Complete Series
BUNDLE The Elements of Kamdaria Complete Series
BUNDLE The Elements of Kamdaria Complete Series

BUNDLE The Elements of Kamdaria Complete Series

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The Elements of Kamdaria is a YA epic fantasy series with a young woman who goes from having nothing to fighting for everything. It has mysterious royalty, hate to love slow burn romance, a heist, intrigue, and a gut-wrenching betrayal. Perfect for readers who love detailed world building, plots to save the world, and characters so real they feel like family.

This is a complete series bundle with 3 complete eBooks, plus a BONUS short story. The Elements of Kamdaria complete series bundle includes the following books:

1: The Elements of the Crown
2: The Elements of the Gate
3: The Elements of the Storm
0: Winds of Flame (BONUS SHORT STORY)

Book Description for Book 1

She wasn’t supposed to become so powerful.
She wasn’t even supposed to survive.

In an empire divided into three rings, Talise is from the lowliest and most dangerous outer ring. To escape that life, she just has to do three things.

1) Attend an elite academy for manipulating the elements of water, air, earth, and fire.
2) Become the most powerful student in her year.
3) Prove her magic is the best in a competition in front of the emperor himself.

Everything goes according to plan until a handsome and rich young man shows up with just as much skill as her.

She has to win. She has to hate him.

But when the competition falls apart, the emperor forces them to work together instead. Their growing attraction only distracts them from dark truths that the empire has hidden for too long.

Secrets lurk in every shadow of the palace, hiding a conflict that sits on the brink of war. But Talise has secrets of her own. Secrets that could destroy her.

A war is coming. Talise can only hope she’s powerful enough to meet it.

Read a SAMPLE of Book 1.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ashlee Danley
Elemental Magic

So this series was a little harder for me to get into. I think it was just me and how it was written. The point of view I think. Regardless though it was still a good story. It was still well written with lots of battles and betrayals. The cliffhangers were great and definitely had me wanting answers. I recommend to people who like the elemental magic

Loved these!

This was her first series I’d ever read and I couldn’t get enough. I love the fact that it has a strong female lead and develops her well throughout the story. Great blend of elements to make a strong story.

Unique world; unique story

Imagine a young teen growing up in the outskirts of society, which they call The Storm. While this is not explained, this section consists of the poorest tenements. Unlike her neighbors, her mother sacrificed so that Talise could eat and have the capability of wielding magic. Magic can be created with fire, water, air, or earth, but the elements only respond to people with the energy and time to spend learning it.
The description of the magic system and japanese-based society is wonderful. Talise’s situation is made more painful as she meets the other applicants competing to be the Mage for the Emperor. She can only escape the Storm if she wins; there is no other option. Somewhere in her past (perhaps her mom), someone gained a black mark and was banished to the dregs. Talise can only erase the black mark with utter excellence after 10 years of schooling. This is no easy task, and she unfortunately has to deal with privileged youths like Aaden....Aaden, whose aloofness belies his privilege.
Aaden was not the upperclass snob you would expect. He was actually dealing with his own terror over the Storm, which might be his fate. But Talise is not the empathetic type of teen. She only sees her own needs, her own competitive control over the forms of magic. I just wanted them to cooperate.
Then Talise ignores his softening towards her, ignores her own attraction in order to compete still, because Talise believes she could lose her position if she allows emotions to overrule her competitive judgement. The Emperor has declared both of them his personal mages, but he assigns further trials, ostensibly to test Aaden’s honor. I get the idea the Emperor is terrified of disloyalty around him, since his family was murdered.
I immediately grew angry at Talise. She cheats, she games the system, all the while accusing Aaden of being dishonorable. I don’t know why she can’t see that Aaden is terrified of being just like his dad. Yes, these trials build their fighting skills, which she sucks at, but it also exposes one’s character....and hers is lacking.
The tests are fun to read, and the real goal finally is shown: the Emperor really is dealing with a rebellion. And they are not experienced. Oh, word.
The stories develop very deep and emotional characters.
While I see real character growth, I still don’t see how Talise can support a system that permanently penalizes the poor, the children of criminals, the front edge that protects the kingdom against outside agression...until the climax. Oh, I knew it! I was surprised. Huh.
The emperor himself is quite a character. I can imagine he must be absolutely terrified of a repeat slaughter of his entire family. Trust must not come easy. Aaden, her almost-love, seems committed to her despite her own lack of trust. This series of novelettes is amazingly detailed, and the psychology of each character is deep. I really feel like a teen again, groping to understand my own feelings and what people expect of me.

If you like an exotic asian-influenced fantasy with a building war, inexperienced team leaders, and a demanding, yet grandfatherly emperor, I totally recommend it but start at the beginning. Treat these as a series of acts in a play. Each title can be read each weekend. How perfect is that?
In Flame Crown, Talise has been captured by the enemy, and she is such a wonder woman that she is contemplating escaping again. It pulls me right into the story! Talise demonstrates her mastery of strategy as she uses the gleaned information to plan a real escape, but it leaves me wondering.
How can she learn to get to know the soldiers, but she never really tries to talk to the enemy soldiers, one of whom always taps his foot before the change of the guard. What that tells me is the job is boring and he wants to go home. Been there.

Still, Talise times her escape with some commotion in the third week of captivity, for what is a little filth and tiny cell compared to life in the Storm?, and discovers that her friends have found her and are trying to rescue her. This is so cool.
Talise does not figure out who the traitor in the palace is (I have a suspicion) but she does find fault with Aaden. I don’t see why. You should read it and make your own decision, but true love seems obvious.

The climax pumped up my heart, but it also helped Talise discover who she really is, and what she really wants to do with her life. She has the skills, chops, and knowledge to become the savior of society I always wanted to be. Swoon.

magical series in Kamdaria

This was a brilliant series focused on elemental magic, starting with students trying to learn to be the best of the best at their form of magic. There are battles within the school as well as country-wide throughout the books. Some exciting plot twists and lots of adventure. I found this to be a unique series unlike anything I have read so far. Very exciting!

Katie Cherry
Best Elemental Magic series I've ever read!

Talise, our main character, is so human while also being so strong! The Kingdom of Kamdaria is in unrest even before war breaks out, and Talise has to master the elements while also rising to patch Kamdaria back together, and make it better than it was before. Adventure, twists and turns you never see coming, clean romance, and lots of tension of all kinds in this amazing series! These books are how I discovered Kay, and I am now a fan for life! Definitely don't miss out on this amazing author and everything she has to offer!