Curse and Crystal Thorns (eBook)
Curse and Crystal Thorns (eBook)
Curse and Crystal Thorns (eBook)
Curse and Crystal Thorns (eBook)

Curse and Crystal Thorns (eBook)

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***This title is a pre-order. The book will be released January 9, 2024.***

Book 4 of 5 in the Fae and Crystal Thorns series

The battle for the land has only just begun in Curse & Crystal Thorns, the magical and adventurous 4th book in the Fae and Crystal Thorns series.


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The king may be vile but finding him is their only chance to save the court.

Chloe embraces Faerie as her home and is more determined than ever to save it from defeat. After discovering and using balance shards to create their own magic, the enemy mortals threaten to take over Crystalfall.

Chloe and Quintus must find a way to stop them. Their greatest obstacle is repairing their own broken bond, so that Quintus’s magic can be restored. Being forced to spend time together is difficult when they’re still angry with each other.

It doesn’t help that they must find a king, who is not virtuous or kind, but he is still their only hope. Without him, the court will be lost forever.

The Court of Crystalfall is made of glittering jewels, and with magic flowing through it once again, it’s more beautiful than ever. But Chloe and Quintus must act quickly to save it, or all will be lost.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Once again a story that won’t let you down, twists and turns that you don’t see coming. Full of action and outstanding characters that keep you intrigued. Well written as always.

Katie Cherry

Another fantastic book by Kay L Moody! Picking up right where the last book left off, there was thankfully just enough recap for me to slide back into the story. The FRICTION between Quintus and Chloe in this book was just so raw and painful. However, resolution was eventually found. Or rather, fought for with much tension on our end too!

Not to mention hanging on the edge of my seat, guessing at who the King of Crystalfall would end up being. After everything we went through in this book... I nearly screamed "No!" at the end. Yep, expect another cliffhanger. Not surprising since this isn't the final book, but the next one is. How on earth will they overcome the challenges that lie ahead of them now? Can't wait to read how Kay gets the characters out of this corner she backed them into!

So much danger, adventure, emotion, and so many epic twists! Don't delay diving into the newest installment of this series, and hang on tight!

Nicola M Wilkinson
Brilliantly Brutal and heart wrenchingly good

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily

I really can't say I enjoyed this book. Don't get me wrong I absolutely loved it but who enjoys having their heart ripped up, stitched back together, then shredded, then miraculously healed which leaves you feeling like it could all happen again over and over.

Not to mention the turmoil and tension of escaping the bad guys whilst trying to find someone you don't really want to find but must find

And then the cliffhanger you know is coming (because all the others in the series have had them) but it still hits you hard.

This book is brilliantly brutal and throughly gripping and I can't wait till book 5!!

Did I mention the Dragons??…. no!! … oh well there are more of those and you're gonna love it.

‘We have to find the king of Crystalfall’

This rallying cry is the central theme for this tale of the despair of brokenness and the hope of repair. In here, readers will find examples of:
Children soldiers.
Missing memories.
Troubled relationships.
Exceptions for the wealthy.
Low self-esteem: ‘I am nothing without my magic’.

Some tried and true solutions? A lilac- & vanilla-scented bath along with some cake. The answer to all our woes is always cake.

Some sage sylvan survival advice from the author:
Being able to figure out worst-case scenarios IS a skill all unto itself.
Destruction of nature begins with the trees – learn how to read the signs.
Know how to build shelter, cook without smoke, fish & hunt, light fires safely, and keep warm outdoors.

Fave line:
‘Now I want a dragon.’
I mean, like, don’t we all?

One of the characters’ magic was in finding things – I certainly need a dose of that! Where do I sign up? Perhaps, I’ll visit the crew in ‘Wrath & Crystal Thorns’ to get me some of that.

Brittni Goodman
This series is 🔥

Holy sh**
This book picks up right where the last one left off, in the middle of a battle, mortals and fae at eachothers throats, no way out for our favorite characters.
The twists and turns in this book are insane, like the world's craziest roller coaster.
But damn that ending. Talk about a twist.

Throughout this book you find love, betrayal, friendship, magic, family reunions, and dragons!
If you havnt already, I highly reccomend this series!