Nutcracker of Crystalfall (SIGNED Hardcover)
Nutcracker of Crystalfall (SIGNED Hardcover)
Nutcracker of Crystalfall (SIGNED Hardcover)
Nutcracker of Crystalfall (SIGNED Hardcover)
Nutcracker of Crystalfall (SIGNED Hardcover)
Nutcracker of Crystalfall (SIGNED Hardcover)

Nutcracker of Crystalfall (SIGNED Hardcover)

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Standalone in the Fae and Crystal Thorns series

A sweeping fae fairy tale retelling filled with adventure, magic, and learning one’s worth. This standalone is an action-packed and heart-warming start to the Fae and Crystal Thorns series.


📖 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 226 pages
😍 Gorgeous under-dust-jacket design
🧚‍♀️ Full color map of Crystalfall
🎨 Full color illustration (artist: @livingalivecreator)
🌹 Bonus chapter from love interest's perspective
 ❄ Bonus short story from Plumia, a sugar pixie
📦 Shipped from the UK, can take 2-3 weeks to arrive


The SIGNED hardcover includes several extra goodies. With the signed hardcover you’ll receive:

🔵 eBook (arrives instantly in an email from BookFunnel)

🔵 Book plate and Art (arrives in a white envelope in about 1 week)
✒️ Signed Book Plate (hand signed by author)
🎨 Art Print of Clara and Revyn (Artist: @livingalivecreator)
🔖 Bookmark with art and quote from book

🔵 Hardcover with special under-dust-jacket design (arrives in 2-3 weeks)


The annual Christmas party was going just fine… until the trolls showed up.

Clara is a young woman who is wickedly good at puzzles, but she also has a secret her parents have shamed her into hiding. The weight of that secret has ruined nearly every happy moment in her life.

At least this year’s Christmas party gets more interesting once a mysterious stranger shows up. He teaches Clara how to crack nuts, wears a soldier’s uniform she’s never seen, and flashes a smile she’ll never forget.

But then a cruel party guest destroys the only gift that matters to Clara. Even worse, trolls appear and try to kill the handsome stranger she only just met. The fight rages into the night. Soon, Clara has to make a choice.

She could finally escape her unloving parents and the dreadful life they have planned for her. It would only take a promise to join an even greater conflict in the magical and dangerous realm of Faerie—a land she previously didn’t know existed.

If she stays home, her happiness will end forever. If she goes to Faerie, a great adventure awaits her…but it might kill her too.


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Customer Reviews

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Ashlee Danley
Golden Trees

Such a beautiful world Mrs. Moody has created. In the land of Crystafall the trees are made of golden trunks and pretty flowers. Clara is a puzzle solver who needs a way out of an arranged marriage. Revyn is the Nutcracker man from the Christmas party. There is Magic, Pixies, Trolls and Fae. Highly recommend for a good short read!

Julie @ One Book More
Loved it!

This standalone novella is an entertaining addition to the Fae and Crystal Thorns series. It’s always fun to return to the enchanting world of Faerie, and Clara’s story captivated me from the beginning. She is a strong and brave protagonist who is weighed down by a secret her parents have forced her to keep. Ugh! Her parents are awful! The shame they make her feel for something totally out of her control is so wrong. Even worse is the man they have betrothed her to. The arrogance and entitlement and viciousness he exudes make him the perfect antagonist and antithesis to Clara, who is kind, caring, and selfless.

When Clara meets a mysterious man named Revyn at her parent’s Christmas party, her life is irrevocably changed. She chooses to go with Revyn to Faerie to escape her fate and find adventure on her terms. There are so many great messages about acceptance, friendship, and taking control of your future, which I loved.

Revyn’s story is interesting too, as he is fighting to rescue his brother. And the love story between Revyn and Clara is sweet and magical. There’s one dance scene that had my heart melting. And there’s a surprise revelation at the end that I adored.

The story also has a ton of action. It’s a fast-paced read filled with danger, magic, trolls, pixies, fae, and more. If you read the other books in the series, you’ll love this one, and if you haven’t, this is a great one to start with! Special thanks to Kay L. Moody for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.

Linda Arnold
Perfect for the holidays or anytime

Love Christmas stories but this was even more than that. It’s a great retelling that ties in beautifully to the world in the other books. Definitely was not disappointed.

Possibly my favorite

“she’d rather fight trolls than marry Fritz.” Twas the night before a wedding, and all through the house, Fritz was a-fretting and being a louse.

Unfortunately, this princess was too insecure to run away. Her parents were set on the marriage, and her father was equally uncaring. Clara had spent months creating a special gift that he destroyed within seconds. However, despite her demoralization, Clara finds a way to save the Nutcracker with a most humble skill. This gives her the motivation to escape her loveless home.

This is a coming of age story about a girl with an impediment who learns her strengths. For Clara, she cannot read or write; her skills are better in measurements [spacial analysis and math]. By asking Revyn to visit faerie, she finally finds her voice. And by helping him an some save a golden tree from harm, she shows her true spirit, as she says: her honor.

Well, I have to admit, Clara’s welcome from the pixies is a funny mix of impractical braids, silk dress, and comfortable golden slippers that somehow are warm enough for snow. Let me know when those are invented, please.

👯The fairy dancing and revels are so fun to experience, but fraught with perils. Then Clara finds that her arch nemesis, that hateful Fritz with whom she was supposedly engaged was here trying to take the magic for himself. In his efforts, he had made bargains with a troll tribe and with a king. The king wanted power too, over this kingless place, and the trolls wanted to..destroy. Clara’s fights with the trolls reminded me of whack-a-mole, and I was so amused.

If you want a fun, uplifting story of overcoming obstacles and finding love, this will really get you in the holiday spirit. Let the snow, jewels, and golden tree light your way.

• Young love
• Fairies, tinsel, and a tree
• A sword
• And a pixie in a pear tree (Hah!)

beautiful take on the Nutcracker

I fell into this tale headfirst and LOVED it! I do love Christmas, and the Nutcracker, but this was something even better. Like fairytale retellings, but the Fae and magic are even more fun. It brings you into a whole new world for a short time. Great, quick read!