Shadow and Crystal Thorns (eBook)
Shadow and Crystal Thorns (eBook)
Shadow and Crystal Thorns (eBook)
Shadow and Crystal Thorns (eBook)

Shadow and Crystal Thorns (eBook)

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Book 2 of 5 in the Fae and Crystal Thorns series

Magical meets deadly in the second installment of the Fae and Crystal Thorns series. Mortals and fae fight viciously, but only one of them can claim the land.


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War would be easier if she could tell who was right and who was wrongChloe remains in Faerie, but she's only supposed to stay long enough to defeat the bloodthirsty mortals who are trying to claim the land for themselves. But now she's not so sure she wants to return to the mortal realm, especially when the devastatingly handsome fae, Quintus, keeps asking her to stay.

Even worse, defeating the mortals becomes more difficult by the day while their numbers continuously grow. She also learns exactly why they want the land. As a mortal herself, it's hard to disagree with them. But they can't take Faerie unless they steal it from the fae.

Alliances blur when Chloe realizes both sides deserve what they seek. But only one of them can win.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Both books are beautiful 😍

Joy B Gallup

This book is beautiful 😍 and so are the art pics. I love them

Julie @ One Book More

Shadow and Crystal Thorns picks up where Flame and Crystal Thorns left off. Chloe, Quintus, and their allies prepare to fight to save Faerie from the iron poisoning that has infected the land and from the humans that threaten to destroy them all.

I love Quintus!! He is so loyal and devoted, and the chemistry between him and Chloe is the best!! Their relationship is challenged a bit in the story, and they both have to come to some difficult realizations. I’ll be interested to see what the future of their relationship looks like, and I’m so hoping they will find a way to be together.

Ludo and Mishti also accompany Chloe and Quintus on their quest, and all use their unique strengths to restore order to the land. The dynamics between this group are interesting, as they are all so different, though they have similar goals. Their journey is so dangerous and exciting, and they can never let their guard down. It seems like every time they think they may have a moment of peace, something happens to disrupt their security.

This is a great ya fantasy series. It has action and danger, intrigue, and surprising twists. And a dragon! Did I mention the dragon because I love this creature!!! Every book is better with a dragon, and the relationship this one has with Chloe is so great.

Linda Arnold
I was so excited for this book!

I absolutely love the fact that she decided to bring Chloe back for her own installment. It was an amazing beginning and I’m looking forward to more books in this series.

Kept me on the edge of my seat

Oh this book! So good and so much happens. I loved the addition of the dragon and quest Chloe has to go on to heal Faerie. The pain she goes through as she struggles to do her best despite the hard things she goes through. And the draw to Quintus and the chemistry just grows and is so good! I love them together! This just made the series that much better and I am fully invested! I loved the battles and never knowing how things would turn out. I highly recommend this series to any fantasy lover!