Queen of Bitter Thorn (eBook)
Queen of Bitter Thorn (eBook)
Queen of Bitter Thorn (eBook)
Queen of Bitter Thorn (eBook)

Queen of Bitter Thorn (eBook)

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Book 4 of 4 in The Fae of Bitter Thorn series

Don’t miss this enchanting and epic finale to The Fae of Bitter Thorn series where Faerie could be saved…or destroyed forever.


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Faerie itself is on the brink of destructionAlone and frightened, Elora must return to Bitter Thorn to share news of Queen Alessandra’s most recent victory. But the realm is crumbling before her eyes. Frost covers surfaces it should not. Defensive enchantments are not as strong as they should be.

Everyone in Faerie is falling prey to the Fairfrost queen’s manipulation.

Though Elora’s magic sometimes works, she still has no idea how or why. At every turn, Ansel impedes their progress and feeds the fear they can’t escape. Fairfrost Palace is now heavily guarded, which makes it nearly impossible for them to face Queen Alessandra.

To restore Prince Brannick to his rightful place as High King, Elora must learn to trust herself.

It might be easier if her victories would last. It might be easier if she lived.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Julie @ One Book More
Such an epic end to the series

This is a great end to The Fae of Bitter Thorn series! It’s exciting and gripping, and I love the characters, the plot, and the setting. And the love story - swoon!!!

The world is so unique and immersive, and I was thrilled to learn this week that Moody has a spin-off series coming that takes place in the same world as this one. There are so many interesting characters, places, and situations that I’d love to learn more about, and I’m eager to see where the author takes us next!

This is a series you NEED to read

Moody is a genius and I love the world she created here.

*deep breath* Okay. It's been a few days so I can now think straight about it. Let me start by saying that Brannick and Elora are one of my favorite literary couples ever. The unspoken trust they have in each other and the love that binds them even when they were apart is so beautiful. They have both come so far from where they were in the first book - a prince who refused to feel anything and was focused on a singular goal and a girl who just wanted to be allowed to compete in sword competitions. Brannick is truly worthy of what he achieves. Elora's ending couldn't have been anything else. I loved it.

And that's to say nothing of the side characters - Kaia, Blaz, Lyren, Quintus, Vesper, Chloe, Grace, Severin and Tindra, Fifer. They each have their flaws and issues to overcome as well. I tried to think of who would be my favorite and I don't think I could choose. I have a soft spot for Lyren though and I LOVE her character arc in this book in particular.

Alright, I think that's enough of my ramblings. This series will be reread many times and I will recommend it until my voice is hoarse. Thank you, Kay L. Moody, for sharing this world with us.

Epic conclusion to a great series

What a great book! This was such a great conclusion to the Bitter Thorn series! I was sad to see it end! I loved Elora and Brannick and how their relationship grew over the course of the series. I loved Bitter Thorn and how things worked out in the end! I don't want to give spoilers but this series is worth it to the end! Loved it!

Linda Arnold
An ending you won’t expect!

I was looking forward to seeing how this installment ended and i wasn’t disappointed! I won’t give any spoilers but I will say it didn’t end how I expected and I found myself excited for the twists and turns. I couldn’t put it down!

What fear can do a person

The worst thing we fear is fear itself.
“Yellow eyes.
A knife at the neck.
Chains that held her still.”

Memories like that can freeze a person into inaction. Fear can make people act in illogical ways, and the entire Faerie realm is infected by fear and depression that the High Queen created. Illogical, yes? Why would the Queen destroy her own subjects and realm with strong emotions?

The world-building is amazing. The fae are vulnerable to emotions, since they opened portals ages ago to our human realm just to access emotions. Elora, her sisters, and her friends battle throughout the book against depression and fear. Having at one time dealt with years of anxiety attacks and depression, I know for a fact that it can destroy one’s life. In this case, the emotions manifest as snow, as demirogs (briar bats?). The lack of emotions, though, takes its own toll: decay.

Sometimes during the story the characters described their plans too much before the action, but the plot is tight. There is a buildup of anxiety, fear, and yes, love until the final battle scene. If you are like me, you will feel the emotional drain afterwards as you let go of all that tension.

The character I really related to was Chloe. As a human, and a younger sister, she was remarkably resilient, graceful, and positive. Elora and Brannick might control the plot, but Chloe seems to control every moment of epiphany. I almost want to see her own epilogue.

One last thing: Brannick is the ultimate dream machine. While the romance was limited to kisses and touching and musing, his philosophy is: if you love them, let them go. If they love you back, they will return:
“But is it really support if I make you feel like you cannot do anything without me?” Contrast that with the Queen and the other evil lynchpin, Ansel, who force everyone? My flag waves for Brannick.