The Elements of the Gate (Paperback)
The Elements of the Gate (Paperback)

The Elements of the Gate (Paperback)

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Book 2 of 3 in The Elements of Kamdaria series

This magical and thought-provoking sequel to The Elements of the Crown features an empire on the brink of war, a heist, and a gut-wrenching betrayal.


📖 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 504 pages
📔 Perfect bound, matte cover
📜 Printed on cream acid-free paper
🎨 TWO full color illustrations and a colored map of Kamdaria
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The empire is full of unrest. Talise is ready to accept her new leadership roles but isn’t sure how. It doesn’t help that the emperor wants to take out enemy bases, yet he remains oblivious to the other conflicts around them.

The aristocratic citizens of the Crown are angry at the emperor for lying about their enemy. The middle-class citizens of the Gate are angry at the state of their once great empire. And the poor, desperate citizens of the Storm are beginning to awake after years of oppression.

Problems multiply when the enemy obtains knowledge about a mysterious amulet that has the power to destroy armies. With her heart still in pieces, Talise struggles to meet the obstacles ahead. But the truth soon becomes clear.

If she can’t gain back loyalty from the citizens and find the ancient amulet, the empire will be lost forever.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Linda Arnold
She did it again!

After how much I loved her other series I wasn’t sure how I would feel about a new world. There were a few things that were a bit predictable but a lot of twists and turns kept me guessing and excited. I loved the relationships between the characters and how they were developed from book 1.

This book was fantastic!

Wow! This book was fantastic! I liked it even better than the first. The characters are fleshed out more, especially the ones beyond Talise and Aaden. I’m liking Wendy and her cheeky family even more. I’m liking the emperor even less. Confusion about who is on which side and what the sides even are runs throughout the book. This second installment had more adventure, fighting, relationship back and forth. It takes place in the middle ring of the kingdom, with the hardworking middle class. I found these characters’ quiet strength and anger, then devotion, to be endearing. I wanted them to have a better life. I wanted Talise’s solutions to work. She is one stubborn girl who really needs to learn to accept help from others. She has matured a good deal by the end of the last part. She is a true leader trying to help her people. I felt like this book moved faster than the first, perhaps because of the increased action and descriptions, or maybe from the deadlines involved. Another enjoyable read for me.

Katie Cherry
Book by book reviews

Book 1 (River Gate): Fantastic! Talise is still kicking butt while being human. The intrigue is heavy in this book, and what's happening is anything but straightforward! Loved the twist at the end- I was wondering who that guy was! The next book is going to be even better!! I just miss a certain character from the first four books and wish he'd come back... but I guess we have to wait, along with Talise!

Book 2 (Smoke Gate): Honestly, a good portion of the book felt like nothing was happening. But looking back on it, there was quite a bit of character growth and self-realization for Talise. The ending was dramatic and well depicted. I'm very much looking forward to the next installment. Things are getting intense!! The stakes have never been higher!

Book 3 (Vine Gate): Well, I guess I'm officially team Claye, now! From the very beginning of this book, Kay got me to drop my barriers considering him and Talise. Still need to figure out what's going on with Aaden, though...

This book was intense! Excellent just like all the rest. Kay is absolutely brilliant, I love all of these books! #readerforlife!

Book 4 (Ember Gate): My emotions!!

I almost wanted to rate this as 4 stars instead of 5 simply because I was upset lol. But she definitely made the reader feel something. Like, all of the somethings. I was about in tears at one point. Kay does not mess around in this book! As upset as I am as a reader, I am very impressed with what she was able to accomplish in this book. It does take skill to leave a reader in such turmoil, to be sure! 6 star out of 5 stars there! Very very well done!

Kay is very skilled and I recommend this entire series to everyone, but with a warning to prepare your emotions for the rollercoaster that follows! Things aren't easy for main characters in any book, but gosh dang, things are ridiculously IMPOSSIBLE for Talise in this series! As the romance element grows, it only gets worse.

If you like books where the main character is up against insurmountable odds, I don't know that you'll find much better than these books!

Kristyna Mcdougall

I couldn't stop yelling at talise. I was wrong, he was wrong, don't fall for it. A good act was put on for sure. The adventure and suspence had me on the edge of my seat. I'm so glad everything finally came out. The truth will set them free. Now the true friends/heroes can work together and try to save kamdaria once and for all.