The Elements of the Storm (eBook)
The Elements of the Storm (eBook)
The Elements of the Storm (eBook)
The Elements of the Storm (eBook)

The Elements of the Storm (eBook)

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Book 3 of 3 in The Elements of Kamdaria series

Everyone must pick a side in this action-packed and epic conclusion to The Elements of Kamdaria series.


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With her life in ruin, Talise must head to the deadliest part of the empire. Talise's heart is shattered. What little hope she has is hanging by a thread. She hides in the outer ring of Kamdaria where fear, destruction, and death reign. Winter’s icy tendrils curl in each day, and her difficulties only expand.

At first, she simply wants to survive. But war is still brewing in the other rings. Even when she tries to ignore it, power and poison force her to take sides.

As her enemy is evolving, she still has to help the citizens, train with the elements, and build an army. Winter storms and surprise attacks make every day more difficult than the last. And time is running out…

If Talise doesn’t survive long enough to fulfill her duty, Kamdaria will be lost forever.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kristyna Mcdougall
My favorite yet

It was great. The growth of everyone over a short time. The betrayals and the achievements. The strength in lessons. Just amazing. The end it all worked out and a better kamdaria is starting. It's sad that it ended because I would have enjoyed everyone having their own families and children and reading about them too. All great things take time and these books teach a lot. I now have new perspectives on everyday life lessons. Highly recommend

Linda Arnold
Love love love!

How could she possibly top her last book? With even more twists. I love the fact that there are plenty of struggles that force the characters to reevaluate their strategies and struggles. It kept it more real and interesting for me than a lot of other books. As with all of her other books I’ve read, I’m hooked!

Satisfying conclusion

This series of 4 mini books concludes the whole series. The bulk takes place in the outer ring of Kamdaria, the Storm. The desolate wasteland where people go to die. (What a messed up system to punish the children for their ancestors’ mistakes! Especially for “crimes” related to trying to survive!). I really felt for these people and could tell Talise truly wanted to help them. Since she spent years living there, she understood what drove the people and how to reach out in a way that would be accepted. The romance back and forth was a bit more prominent in this book. I found this book to be a bit more predictable than the second one but still read it straight through.

Katie Cherry
Book by book reviews

Book 1 (Water Storm): Talise has always been my favorite character, but I really have to give credit to Wendy in this one. Beyond the author acknowledging that this is a classic YA Fantasy with a war going on with the FMC been torn between love interests, Wendy explains why it's okay, and why we can all relate to it. Talise has a duty to Kamdaria, but she also has a duty to herself. Her happiness is just as important as everyone else's. Wendy can be so wise! I just really loved this scene <3 Self-care is so important, y'all!!

I love Aaden so much, he's so steady and loving, even if he is guarded. They're so perfect together I nearly died in the scene where they shape together. Ugh, I ship them so hard!

As with all the books, I'm amazed at the solutions they come up with for the problems they're faced with. It's NEVER what I would come up with, which surprises me every single time without fail lol. I freaking love it. It makes the characters so much more real to me when I can tell beyond a doubt that their minds work differently than mine does.

I have already jumped into the next one. I love this series so much! Oh, and it was a really long break before I jumped into this book, but Kay did a fantastic job recapping the previous books in a natural, undistracting way that made me comfortable to move on with this book without having to reread the previous 8. (Or two, for you folks new to the series lol)

Book 3 (Earth Storm): Aaden is quickly overtaking my heart, you guys!! Ugh, I just love him and Talise so much! Claye can just go in his corner, already. 😛 Talise moves quickly toward the final battle in this one, and boy is it dramatic! Using the amulet comes at a cost, and it's a big one. But Talise's heart is too big for her to stop for any reason. She is bound and determined to save those close to her, and all of Kamdaria. I sure wish more people were like her in real life!!

Book 4 (Fire Storm): Thank heavens I could jump straight into this book! This is where the REAL action takes place, and wow, Kay does not make it easy on Talise and her army. Theirs is a very hard fight, and in so doing our admiration of the characters only deepens even further. Talise's character growth is reflected on in this book, and it just makes me stunned to remember everything that's happened to lead up to this book. Everything that's happened to establish how broken Kamdaria is, how broken the Emperor is, and how very much they all need Talise. Too bad the Emperor... well, freaking sucks.

The final battle with him was epic, and I was very concerned multiple times about Talise really being able to achieve the impossible. Hard to say much without spoiling everything, but man. This was an epic finale! While I would have loved a longer ending after the climax, it was satisfactory. It just feels like I would LOVE a bonus novella just showing everyone's lives in the aftermath, you know? But maybe it's just hard to part with this series after 12 awesome books!